Red on Red!

by RED on RED!

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Over the past decade, Ryan and Nicole Kennelly have been writing/recording songs in the basements, bedrooms, and backyards of the various homes they've lived in Montana and Oregon.

While both of them have created and produced music on their own, under different monikers, RED on RED! is their first attempt at co-creating together. The songs on this self-titled album are representative of their different approaches at song writing. Where one drifts into ambient, abstract sounds, the other writes with straight up verse choruses and a pop music sensibility. "RED on RED!" is the "trapeze act" of two different songwriters finding balance on a very thin wire.


released October 18, 2012

Written and recorded by Ryan and Nicole Kennelly.
Mastered by Bob Schwenkler of the Dub Narcotic Studios.



all rights reserved


RED on RED! Portland, Oregon

Some songs are about the beginning of love, others about the end.....these songs are what happens to love somewhere in the middle.

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Track Name: look at the sky
Caught in the middle of life, when the phone doesn't ring.
Im stuck in a stare.
Grace is not milling round here, the story's unclear.
And I'd like to see.

Look at the sky, its bigger than before.
There's millions of atoms, all calling my name.
Calling my name.

Standing on highway overpass, watching 7 lanes drive past.
I step over rail.
In an August wind, my feet, stuck on the ground.
Right where I stand.

Look at the sky, its bigger than before.
There's millions of atoms, all calling my name.
Calling my name. (x2)
Track Name: feather down
When I first looked at you, with the camera on.
You were soft beneath, you were feather down.
And oh how gracefully you taught me how to toss the sheet.
Folding down, folding down, every corner.

When I first looked at you, with the window down.
Your cheeks were flush and your face was, all a fiery glow.
And oh how there was an aching down beneath the sinew and bone.
Down deep, down deep, down deep, in the riddle of your womb.

And I'd never know that I could hurt you, from behind the wheel.
With hours of my own, with hours of my own.

(whistling, lots and lots of whistling....and harmonica)

And there I was racing, down the open road.
While you set with your feet up on the dashboard,
breathing heavy, breathing low.
It brings my home, it brings me home........
Track Name: she'll break your fall
Run around, young Capulet.
Your rivers run too far.
Run aground, run down, run into debt
and fall apart.

and oooooh, there is no other way for you to see the dawn
and oooooh, there is more romance for you, in the back yard

To find one woman of solemn space, and frozen time
To find one who's just like you, and tear them apart.

and ooooh, there is where you climbed the tree and broke your jaw.
and ooooh, there is a threshing floor to reap after all.
and ooooh, the sleeping maiden awaits at your feet
she'll break your fall
she'll break your fall

she'll break your fall (x4)
Track Name: soundtracks I
Tin delight
Soundtracks fight,
herein lies me beside you
city beside farm
can beside the might.

Tank gone dry
fish gone died
sweetly kiss, in the one room
the balcony
and on the train.

Subway smells
streets like dirt
and our skin, was too thin
for casting spells
Track Name: falling
Winter comes quickly
friends are asking about
why our bodies can bleed
in the image of a risen God
why our blood can leave us cold
why our bodies can leave us cold

Im falling (X2)

There's glass in the grass,
and Im walking barefoot all the time
all the time.
I put away my papers, I
turned them into tasers
on our sunny afternoon.

Im falling (x4)

Im falling from this high bedroom
through all 4 windows
falling unto the ground below
falling like huge flakes of snow
falling unto my knees
falling into your arms all over again
all over again

Im falling......
Track Name: soundtracks II
river tide
cups gone dry
swiftly hold, and sway
in the fabric and on the fray

highway signs
saturn climbs
and the song, that we sang
fell through the rooftop
and on the floor

bleached out sails
blown towards earth,
but the wind
was too thin
for lasting gales